Active Digital Agent

For those who need high dialing power and customer location, whether for sales, debt collection, negotiation or advertising campaigns.

Receptive Digital Agent

Greater retention and dedication to your customers’ needs, creating unique experiences for whatever they need.

Special Projects

We customize solutions targeted to what you need and for your company’s assertiveness.


High Interaction Power

High Dialing Power

Location Agility

Intelligent Call Direction

Transfer to Human Customer Service

Free for Integration with Countless Systems


Online monitoring

Available 24/7

Productivity gain in in KPI returns

Decision assertiveness


WhatsApp: active and receptive for multi-users

Chatbot, SMS, E-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram

Message scheduling

Web or API platform

Security and stability

Dashboard online


Consumption report

Online support

CDR report for tariff calculator

Integration with telephone switching systems

Single tariff regardless of day or time

Voice network monitoring reports

Call recording for performance analysis

Anti-fraud and high error incidence alarms


Digital Agents

12 mil


2 milhões


8 milhões


2,5 milhões


85 mil


2,3 milhões

Value negotiated by Digital Agents

977.500.000,00 milhões

We Invest on Continuous Improvement!

While our Digital Agents talk to you, we identify points that can be improved and implemented on a daily basis.

Everything so you can achieve customer service excellence by using the best market practices and major cost reduction.

Partners with the best technologies
on the market.

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