5 reasons to invest in a digital agent


You must be wondering what actually is a digital agent. We explain: It is a technology that automates service via phone, chat, website and other channels intelligently, like a human being
To provide the best possible customer service, digital agents are used mind maps, dictionaries and semantic data intelligence, and can identify customer demand and improve with time.
Many companies already use this system. It has happened, for example, you call a bank and, instead of selecting menus, you ask a question? If the answer is yes, have you had contact with a digital agent. Filmography But this technology goes even beyond. Outside recognize questions and answer them, digital agents can talk to you via chat, video and other various options. Not to mention that they adjust the way of speaking according to the customer profile, creating more identification with your target audience.


As quoted Filmography above, the digital agent is able to offer an innovative customer experience and thereby increase their satisfaction with your company. But there are even more advantages. Below selected the five main reasons to implement this technology in your company:
01 - Increased productivity
Digital Agent is the ideal solution to take charge of the care of recurrent issues, in addition to collecting data, display products, making negotiations and other activities. This way, you can increase productivity and free up staff only for more complex actions
02 - Cost reduction Filmography One of the main advantages of this technology is the cost savings. After all, the digital agent can reduce the physical structure and investment in staff training. Thus, you increase the ROI (Return on Investment) of your company
03 - call time optimization
With digital agent, call queues can be things of the past. The customer is served immediately by the system and can have your problem solved within minutes & ndash; without the need to have contact with an operator and not the menu navigation. All this results in a much faster service
04. - Improved effectiveness of service
digital agent can be used in various communication channels, such as chats social media, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp phone and others, that way he can serve the same customer in numerous channels, increasing the effectiveness and quality of communication
05 -. increased customer loyalty Filmography All the advantages mentioned above generate greater satisfaction consumer with the brand, which increases loyalty and even attracting new customers. And an advantage both for companies seeking to position itself in the market and for customers who want to increase the chart.

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